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Over half of all webpages are viewed on a phone, tablet, or mobile device. Your website has to be responsive and look great on both a Laptop and a phone.

We access information from anywhere, and the people who need to see what you are sharing will stay on your page longer when it looks great.

When your online shop or information pages are built for speed and usability, you maximise the digital investment you’ve made!


Looking for assistance to get going and then like to update content yourself?

No problem! We’ll choose a solution that is well documented, easy to modify without a degree in Information Technology, and reliable. 

Got an important announcement to make? or a new team photo to add to your site? We’ll show you how OR do it for your. Save time and money by self servicing your own website.

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Solutions for businesses and individuals

We know and understand the struggles of small business, and the importance of self promotion. 

Local and Familiar

We thrive on supporting our local community. Living in Ballan, a small regional town in country Victoria, we know the local challenges and can help you overcome them.

Talk is cheap!

You have to build trust and be comforable that the person bringing you online understands your needs and business. Let’s talk before starting anything to ensure the fit is right!

Modern and Functional

Even tho we started making web pages in the late 1990s, we live in the now and know the latest tech trends. Let us keep up with the trends that your audience is looking for.


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Simple, Functional, Effective Website Design that will showcase your Business or Talents.


Newspaper Adverts, Social Media Banners, Large Format Signage. Be that business that is everywhere you look with style and get the attention you deserve.


Pictures and Images are great, but movement is better when used in social media. Animate your logo, start your live stream with a captivating short video clip and see your logo move in 3D.


Scalable Vector designed Logos that tell your story are memorable and make an impact. Let’s design one!


Establish and brand yourself across the Social Media Sites that will work for your demographics. Deploy automation and analytics.


Large Format Printing needs to be clear and crisp at any size. We can prepare industry standard graphicly designed and print ready files for practically any banner.


Striking layouts and graphics that tell your story and attract new business with a consistant message.


Give your website a make over and clean out the old non-performing parts to make every second browsing count.


A Fast Australian Web Host is essential to your pages loading fast and being online all day every day. We will direct you to the right place with excellent value and no strings.


Be found by search tools in your sleep. A pretty website may not be preffered by google without some backend smarts installed and best in show standards followed. 


With access to thousands of resources and the ability to get custom design work done fast, we can match the look you are after and federate it across all your digital and physical assets.

Send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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About us

With nearly 30 years of working with the internet, Deryck comes with a wealth of experience. Starting in the 1990s he was online when the phone handset had to be put onto a device connected to the computer well before Wi-Fi was thought of. He now builds the internet bye enabling ultra fast fibre based services to be delivered nationally.
With a background in Large Scale IT System development, Small Business Start Ups, Graphics and Coding, He is truely a Digital Native.

What we do

We make the magic happen. Simple as that. Deryck can take the most complex Geek Talk and turn it into plain english and back again. This means that you get what you want and need without the smoke and mirrors that comes with advanced and emerging technologies.

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Do you have a vision, but lack the time to execute it? Know what the end result looks like in your head, but it isn’t on a screen yet?

Let’s talk through what that looks like, evaluate the possibilities, and put a plan in place to make a site or a goal of yours come into existence.


We’ve got experience in selling online and helping local businesses maximise their profitability.

ecommerce is more than listing an item for sale. We have established multiple online storefronts including retail and wholesale, hiring and reserving equipment, booking in for services and appointments.

Each is a different challenge and we have a selection of platforms to choose from based on your need, payment types, and business practices.

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A website that is great to use and look at is only half the story. On the internet there are many tools that require finely tuned Search Engine Data to be present on every page.

We understand what services such as the Google Search Bot require to both find your site, and then to list the contents in online results that people are looking for.

The right data matching under the hood means more impressions are shown, and that you get more exposure to a larger and relevant audience.

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