Logo Design

The Client needed a stricking and stunning logo that could be applied dynamically across their small business. 

We created the “Face Logo with Saw Device” to appeal to the core demographic of Men who have Beards. 

Font Selection

Just like a great logo, the client needed a custom font to reinforce their brand. 

With access to extensive font libraries, the perfect font was found and become their “A-Font”. A secondary more simple font was also selected and became their “B-Font”.

The constant use of all typography provides a ubiquitious experience across all visual media.

complex online presence

Being a new Start-Up, Scruffy Fella required a completly new digital ecosphere to be generated.

We worked with them to establish; a robust Retail eCommerce solution, Branded eMails, Primary / Secondary / and Protection Domain names, a Wholesale Portal, Large Format Printed Banners and Signs, Social Media Presences, and Traditional Advertising.

Integrated IT Solutions

Being online is one thing, but what do you do with the customers you attract? We worked with Scruffy Fella to convert their “hits” into Sales. 

Integrating automation devices such as: Barcode readers and printers; Mobile Payment Gateways and Devices, Professional Printing and Office Equipment, Mobility Solutions, and much more.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Allowing services like Google and Bing to be able to find your online presence, and then know what to do with it is crucial to generating Traffic Growth.

With advanced back end configuration to the website, Physical Business connections to the Online Business, and by cross referencing to Social Media, we happily tuned Scruffy Fella’s SEO to improve ranking and discoverability across the Internet.

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